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Independent Training


Independent Training

At Circus Warehouse, we strive for a safe and enjoyable training environment and pride ourselves on our warm and generous acrobatic and aerial community. The Warehouse is a professional facility and does have some constraints appropriate to the level of individual concentration and safety concerns needed for the serious athletic practitioners who train with us.

Independent Training is NOT a facility rental and is accommodated at Circus Warehouse’s discretion. Times are subject to change and are not guaranteed. Please check in with the office if you are not sure about the best times for point availability. Independent Training is not for commercial use or teaching. The Warehouse does not specifically rent points for workouts. If you are needing to book a rehearsal, please contact the office. You may share 20 and 30-Independent Training Cards with a partner (one partner only). If you are confident to train on your own, you can pay the daily fee or buy an Independent Training Card and work around what is happening at the Warehouse. You can stay as long as you need to complete your Independent Training, but we might need to move you around depending on other goings-on. We do not charge by the hour for workouts as the professional crowd often needs elaborate warm-up and cool-down periods and we encourage both.

If it is your first time at the Warehouse, see the front desk to sign a waiver, and to find out which apparatuses are intended for general use. On your first visit the front staff will walk you through the procedure of Circus Warehouse rigging. You may use your own equipment with permission from the office staff. We inspect every piece of equipment that comes into the Warehouse. We retain the right to disallow the use of any piece of equipment that we deem to be in any way unsafe. To train at the Warehouse, you must be a current practitioner of circus arts and be confident of your ability in the air and on the ground.


Independent Training can be paid for as a Single Session or with an Independent Training Card which is a virtual card. You sign in at the front desk and check off the section that indicates which sort of training arrangement you have. Independent Training Cards should be purchased in person or by phone. They are NOT currently available online.


5 and 10-Independent Training Cards MAY NOT be shared (this is a change). 20 and 30-Independent Training Cards MAY BE SHARED but only with ONE OTHER PERSON. Each person must purchase his or her own 5 or 10-Independent Training Cards. If you already are sharing a card, you may continue to do so until it is completed, after which you will need to follow the new rules for cards.


There are Independent Training Cards — bought in person at the Warehouse — and there are Class Cards, which you can purchase online or in person. Class Cards that entitle you to additional training should not be used or shared for the purpose of workouts only. The Class Card is intended for people who regularly take classes at the Warehouse and need additional training time. The Independent Training Cards are for people who only train. Circus Warehouse retains the right to decide on an case by case basis whether or not to allow a shared card of any sort. Independent Training is a privilege and we need to be sure that the space is shared equitably. Thank you for your understanding.


Single Workout – $35

5-Independent Training Card – $150 ($30 per workout,​ 6​ mo​. exp) Not shareable

10-Independent Training Card – $250 (​$25 per workout, ​6 mo​.​ exp) Not shareable

​20-Independent Training Card –​ $320 ($16 per workout, 6 mo. exp) Possible to share this card with one person only

30-Independent Training Card – $420 ($14 per workout, 6 mo. exp) Possible to share this card with one person only

• All Independent Training Cards expire ​6 months from date of purchase​. They cannot be extended. No refunds.

• Class Cards include Independent Training time (with the exception of the 5-Class Card) during regular Warehouse hours until the card is finished.​ See Independent Training Guideline section for best hours to train at Circus Warehouse.​ There is no guarantee of training space or rigging points for training.

• Independent Training Cards are Non-Transferable and Non-Refundable.


Independent Training hours are Monday thru Friday, 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, Saturday & Sunday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (subject to change without notice for shows, events and private parties). If you have a 10, 20 or 30-class card, you may train during facility hours subject to space availability. You may also purchase a single workout, or a 5, 10, 20 or 30-workout card. You can generally just come to the Warehouse, and check in with the office or front desk for payment and availability of space. Best times are mornings and late afternoons. Worst time to find a point is 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm, when many classes are running, but there is sometimes floor space. We will always do our best to squeeze you in. If you are not sure or you are making your first voyage to Long Island City, please call the office before you come.


• All available space is shared space at the Warehouse. You must be generous and respectful of the professional Warehouse environment.

• Make sure you are thoroughly warmed up before you begin training. Be aware of your skill limitations, and stay within them.

• There must always be a minimum of two people in the facility when training.

• Work in groups when possible with skilled spotters. If you need help spotting, please ask at the front desk for help.

• You are responsible for your own safety.

• Please assist each other, but refrain from instruction during training. Instruction = Class. All classes at the Warehouse are taught with our own instructors.

• Aerial apparatus require 12” safety mats under them.

• Please use all equipment in a responsible manner.

• If you have questions about rigging, please ask for assistance from desk staff.

• There is NO TRAMPOLINE use during training. See office staff for exceptions.

• DO NOT adjust, move, install or otherwise tamper with any rigging equipment, machinery, electrical or AV equipment without approval from Circus Warehouse Staff.

• Put your stuff away. Put our stuff away. Close lids on rosin and chalk boxes.

• Keep rosin, chalk, food, drink, and street shoes off the mats. Water in a BOTTLE is OK — NO GLASSES or CUPS!

• NO phone calls or texting during training.

• Non flash photography and film is permitted. You must ask subject’s permission.

• DO NOT at any time walk under the trapeze net OR the net spreaders, even when there is not a trapeze class going on.

• Keep music down to a dull roar.

• Please play nicely with others and share equipment if necessary

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