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Staying Healthy

Staying Healthy at Circus Warehouse

MARCH 2020

In light of the recent news about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and in recognition of guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) we are instituting the following practices for Circus Warehouse. We feel that these measures will make sense for maintaining health and well-being during flu and cold season as well.

NO ONE who is sick with a cough or a fever can be at the Warehouse. This includes all students, faculty, private lesson folks, front desk, rentals, and all visitors. If you are sick, we will be sending you home. You must be symptom-free for a least 24 hours to be able to come to the Warehouse. If you have traveled or had prolonged contact with someone who has traveled to a high risk area, you must self-quarantine for 14 days before coming back to the Warehouse.

If you are feeling ill, please consult a doctor. You can let us know by phone or by emailing us at that you will not be in classes. Any student who is ill can have a credit for the classes that they miss.

Washing hands is going to become our latest art form:

  • 20 seconds minimum with lots of lather. One chorus of Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees should suffice for timing.
  • Any instructor or student handling another person or a piece of equipment must have clean hands, we have hand washing instructions posted in the bathroom.
  • Use tissues to cover your mouth and nose if you sneeze or cough, then discard immediately into a trash bin and wash your hands.
  • We have Purell in a bathroom dispenser and at the front desk and as well at various stations throughout the Warehouse.

We have upgraded our cleaning routine considerably and will be sanitizing “high-touch” surfaces regularly throughout each day as well as comprehensive mat and surface cleaning. We are recommending that people bring their own yoga mats for stretch and floor activities. Please put your name with a sharpie on all personal equipment.

We have changed our usual sweaty physical hugging, kissing and hand-shaking to be either:

  • Spock hands,
  • Jazz hands, or
  • Your most professional and personal bow (present yourself, gesture toward your audience, bow your head with modesty).

If you need help with your greeting skills, the front desk can demonstrate.

We are monitoring current events and will provide updates on recommended procedures on our website.

We intend to remain open for our Warehouse community. Thank you for understanding the need to expand our definition of taking care of one another.

Suzi Winson
Circus Warehouse
March 7, 2020

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