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Space Rental


Circus Warehouse has 8000 square feet of usable space for:

• Large or small rehearsals;
• TV, film and photo shoots;
• Parties;
• Team-building events;
• And pretty much anything else you can think of…

We’re a stone’s throw from Manhattan with:

• Tons of free parking right outside our doors;
• Two indoor restrooms;
• Separate office and changing spaces.

We’ve easily accommodated many a video village, and have an associated, fine art gallery space in an upstairs loft that can be accessed for:

• Makeup;
• Costuming;
• Separate meetings.

We can handle up to 150 people for most events.

The readily adaptable space at the Warehouse revolves around the large main space with a trussed 30′ ceiling and spectacular daylight.

For evenings, we have:

• Show lights;
• Light board;
• Scrim set-up;
• Projector;
• Party lights;
• And more to make nighttime events shine.

We are flexible enough to have you in our space while we run classes, but there is also the option for a buyout with enough notice.

To book space for rehearsals, shoots and the like, fill out our:

Space Rental Inquiry Form

Please email Suzi to follow up.

If you wish to book an interactive event and make use of our aerial, flying, and other dynamic equipment, along with our top-notch instructors, please fill out our:

Party/Event Inquiry Form

We have special party packages that are easy to book and ready to go for any arrangement of people.

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