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Intensive Pro Program


Circus Warehouse’s year-round Intensive Professional Program is designed for dedicated students seeking to develop ​strong circus arts skills​ with an interest in performing​ in circus, theatre, cabaret, or experimental presentations in this rapidly expanding field of physically expressive arts.

​The Intensive Pro Program differs from other programs offered in the US, Canada and Europe in that ​we don’t insist that applicants are young or easily categorized. Not every trajectory is the same and at Circus Warehouse, we love our diversity and flexibility. Our current program has students ranging from ages 18-65 from all over the world and with a range of skills and desires. Some are pro-track, some are life-long serious athletic practitioners, all are people who want the privilege of training with top artists in their fields in a professional manner.

We prefer creative, brainy students with a strong work ethic and the right temperament for practice and a life of performance and travel. We feel we can train the body, but you need to come to us with huge motivation and a love of training. It’s helpful if you have had a strong practice, whether it be dance, gymnastics, music or scholarly pursuits so you’ll have an idea about how hard you will need to work. The Intensive program is a small group, generally 25-35 at a time, and most come back to us again and again between jobs to visit and often to train for new skills.

We are well-known as NYC’s “serious” circus training facility. Circus Warehouse is where you train with people who’ve had major careers and are ready to share what they know. Our faculty is the most prestigious assemblage of elite performers and veterans possible, all stars in their disciplines and with the generous souls that the pros have to polish the next generations of circus artists. Please read the faculty bios online to learn more about who we are.

New York City is an exciting and stimulating place to train, one of the greatest art centers in the world. Most of our students work and/or go to school simultaneously as they train, so we run from 10am-9pm during the week, sometimes later, and 10-6 on the weekends so we can custom-make your schedule around other parts of your life. We have turned out successful performers that have done their entire programs after a 9-5 job and others who only have 3-days-per-week to take all of their classes.

We require a minimum of 10 class hours per week. You are welcome to do more if you are coming to us with strong physical skills and can keep up. To be in our program, you must take Conditioning, Ballet and Extreme stretch, all of which are offered more than 5 times per week at different times of the day. We also expect you to train independently at Circus Warehouse (included with tuition).

We prefer that students commit to a 3-6 month program to start, though most successful students stay for 1-2 years. Each month there is a re-evaluation of your schedule and a chance to change your classes. Payment works month to month. A basic 10-hour program will cost $880 for 4 weeks, minus 10% discount if you pay by the 15th of the previous month, and there are opportunities to defray some costs with work/study. There are no complete scholarships, total work/exchange or Visas for foreign students available. Everyone’s first month in Intensive is a trial period to see how consistent you are with classes and how well you can handle the work load. The trial period is the same cost as the regular program.

​We train the following skills: Silks, Straps, Lyra (Aerial Hoop), Rope, Trampoline/Tumbling, Flying Trapeze, Static Trapeze, Duo Trapeze, Dance Trapeze, Acrobatic Balancing, Conditioning, Ballet Barre, Ballet Center, Pointe, Partner Dancing, Modern Dance (Dzul Dance repertory), Low Wire, Extreme Stretch, Contortion, and more. We also have Swinging Trapeze and Cloud Swing capabilities, available for private lessons and sometimes on the regular schedule which can vary depending on demand for specific skills. We have complimentary workshops for Intensive Students periodically in Act Creation, Clowning, Acting, Makeup, Juggling, Costuming, and we take suggestions about what our students want to know.

Major productions come to Circus Warehouse to hold auditions: Feld Entertainment, Cirque Entertainment, various Cruise Lines, Broadway shows, etc. and we have filmed for network TV, The Lifetime Channel, NY1, StarTalk, Impractical Jokers (they walked on our high wire with our friend Bello the clown!) and have been featured in the NY Times, CNN, Headline News, Univision, CBS Morning news, and more, often with opportunities for our program students.

Our students have gone on to perform in Cirque du Soleil, Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey, Big Apple Circus, Hamid Circus, Cole Brother’s Circus, Pop Circus, Circus Fusion, Circus Circus, Cirque de la Mer, Feld’s Marvel Universe Live, Cirque Musica, Momix Dance Company, Dzul Dance Company, and flying trapeze teams such as the High Flying Pages, the Flying Cortes, the Flying Cáceres, and the Flying Cáceres Girls, our homegrown Circus Warehouse troupe. You will see many of them in the feature film “The World’s Greatest Showman”, with Hugh Jackman. We also trained acrobats, the stars, and stunt doubles for the film.

​For more detailed ​information, download the Circus Warehouse 2020 Intensive Professional Program Brochure.

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