You must be 16 years of age to train with us at Circus Warehouse with the following caveat: If you are a serious gymnast or dancer currently training, you can participate in classes at the age of 10 and up. We recommend Extreme Stretch, Beginner Silks and Flying Trapeze for kids under 16. Please call the front desk if you are unsure of eligibility.


Regular classes (2 hr) — $66
Conditioning / Beginner Handstands classes (1 hr) — $48
Dzul Dance Repertoire (1.5 hrs) — $27
Ballet Barre, Jumps or Pointe classes (50 minutes) — $15



5 Class Card — $315 ($63 each, 3 mo. exp.)​
10 Class Card — $580 ($58 each, 4 mo. exp., includes independent training)
15 Class Card — $780 ($52 each, 4 mo. exp., includes independent training)
20 Class Card — $1000 ($50 each, 6 mo. exp., includes independent training)
10-Ballet Class Card — $120 ($12 each, no exp.)
20-Ballet Class Card (ALL ABOUT BALLET!) — $220 ($11 each, no exp.)

• We are not offering larger cards at this time.
• Most classes and Independent Training are for ages 16 and up.
• Circus Warehouse classes are taught in a professional environment and are geared toward enthusiastic athletically-motivated persons, pro-track students and professionals training or re-training.
• Please contact us for exceptions at


• Class cards over 5 classes include independent training during regular Warehouse hours until your classes are finished and according to the availability of space.
• All Class & Independent Training cards are Non-Transferable and Non-Refundable.
• No refunds. Class credit only with 24 hrs notice of cancellation.
• You might extend a class card on month ($25) if you have been injured or ill for an extended period of time at the discretion of management. No extensions of Summer cards, Sale cards, or any card of 20 classes or more that you might still have.
• See information on Independent Training on a separate page. If you only come to CW to train at a professional level on your own, do not buy a class card. There are independent training cards available for that purpose.

Interested in private, group or team practice? Please call Circus Warehouse at (212) 751-2174 for information.

Please go to Warehouse Events to learn about and book flying trapeze parties, weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, or anything else we can help you dream up!

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