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Please Help Support the Warehouse


Please Help Support the Warehouse


As we head into our 8th year…

I feel immense pride at what we have accomplished at Circus Warehouse.

Whether circus is your art, sport, or greatest life achievement, everyone who trains should have the privilege of working in a professional atmosphere with the highest level instruction.

To stay in our space and to prepare the next generation of circus performers requires a herculean effort from all who participate.

We value greatly our steady practitioners and pro-track Intensive students for keeping this circus dream alive.

In the upcoming year, we are planning several more productions of the popular student show, Caught in the Act; three or four Performance Flying Workshops; and an Aerial Text Experiments Show in September to coincide with 100K Poets for Change, a social activist art project.

If you are a supporter of the arts, a serious athletic practitioner, a circus enthusiast – or just a friend of CW (or Suzi Winson) – please invest in us by buying class cards, booking events with us, and/or helping us move forward into 2018 with a deeply-appreciated donation.

Happy New Year to all with love,
Suzi Winson


Become an ANGEL and support the Warehouse with a donation of any size (via Paypal or snail mail)? Please be an Angel!



In the seven years since its inception, Circus Warehouse has grown in leaps and bounds (some literal). We started out with a handful of professional track students, some circus chums, and an extremely high-level faculty assembled, all working long hours to see if a pro school was a possibility in NYC. It had been attempted before, without success.

At the time, New York was filled with mostly recreational-style fun classes for aerial arts taught by young people with little experience. We envisioned a school that included master instructors who had been top-level performers. Why not learn Flying Trapeze from Miguel Cáceres, one of the greatest flyers and coaches of all time instead of from the person who just learned it himself?

We have kept our high standards — and our dignity — through a lot of sturm und drang, turning out professionals for dozens of circuses, major theatrical productions, acrobatic dance companies, TV shows, cruise ships and everything you can think of — including 20th Century Fox blockbuster The Greatest Showman, Ringling Bros and B&B, Cirque du Soleil, Peter Pan 360, Marvel Universe Live, Hamid Circus, Momix, to name a few.

We’ve created original shows: 26 pro-program showcases, six annual Aerial Text Experiments. And we’ve been the staging ground for new works by up-and-coming artists hailing from our pro-program. We sponsor a resident dance company, Dzul Dance, lead by the exquisite Mayan choregrapher and Graham dancer, Javier Dzul.

Daredevil Bello Nock has come to walk on our wire, flying sensation Arturo Padilla has come for a month at a time to coach, circus icon Willy Pages drops by regularly to catch our flyers.

We have created something very special and necessary for a lot of people who wish to have a purposeful, authentic practice, and to sculpt their lives into something of beauty.

Help Circus Warehouse stay afloat and remain in our LIC home as we continue with our mission to train the next generation of circus stars and everyday people who live for the exhilarating and vibrant circus arts!