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General Information

General Information


Monday thru Friday 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm


JANUARY 11th and 12th
No classes, no workouts on these 2 days due to a feature film shoot.


Circus Warehouse is a professional facility, but we also have options available to athletically inclined individuals. Be prepared to work hard and really learn some circus skills.

You should sign up at least 24 hours in advance (via web or phone). Circus Warehouse requires 24 hours advance notice if you wish to reschedule or cancel a reservation. If you do not cancel with 24 hours notice, and do not show, you will be charged for the class, or a class will be deducted from your class card. There are no refunds.

ALL Circus classes are taught in professional style. ALL Circus classes are 2 hours with the following exceptions:

Performance conditioning, Acro-conditioning, Circus Strength & Conditioning, some of the Handstands, and all Ballet classes are all one hour. Dzul Dance is 1.5 hrs.


Class cards are the best deal for experiencing the Warehouse classes. They expire at different rates depending on the card, for 5 classes it’s 3 months, for 10 and 15 it’s 4 months, for 20 it’s 6 months.  If you wish to share a card, please contact the office and they can arrange it. ( The cards are NON-REFUNDABLE and can be used in any class for which a student is qualified. Please double check with the office if you have questions about class levels. You may also sign up for just one class as a drop-in.


There are NO REFUNDS FOR CLASSES PURCHASED. Class credit ONLY will be provided to students who cancel class reservations 24hrs (or more) in advance.


Please go to the calendar under Schedule/Register and click on the class you wish to attend. If you have a class card, you may sign in and use that to register, or if you wish to purchase either a class card or a single class, the system will walk you through the procedure of creating an online account and using your credit card to pay for class. If you would like to reserve more than one spot in a class, you must create an account for each person, and pay for each class individually (one under each person’s name). Please call the office if you have any questions or difficulty with registration. Please use class cards for 2 hr classes only. The 1 hr classes need to be paid for one at a time.


In general Circus Warehouse classes are for adults ages 16+

If you are unsure, please call the office or send a note to
All students under 18 should have a parent or guardian present for the first class and must have a parent/guardian signature on a waiver. If you wish to have the waiver in advance, please request one.


ALL LEVEL classes are for everyone.
OPEN LEVEL classes are for athletically inclined (If you go to the gym, run, dance, or anything physical you can take these classes). SOME EXPERIENCE means that it shouldn’t be your first time on that particular apparatus or ground skill.  INTERMEDIATE classes will have the specific requirements on the class description when you click on the class on the calendar. Please check on individual class descriptions for Some Experience or Intermediate classes to confirm that you have the prerequisite skill base necessary.


Circus Warehouse trains very high level flying and has produced flyers for Ringling Brothers and Cirque du Soleil, but don’t let that intimidate you! Everyone has to start somewhere and it’s good to get authentic pro-style training, whether it’s your first class or you’ve been doing it for years.
Please look at the individual class you wish to take to see if there are any restrictions, but if you’ve got wings, we’ll get you in the air! (Safety belts for flying and an ascender for the ladder are used for all beginners) As you progress, you might want to invest in gymnastic grips. If it’s day one, then just bring socks and a good mood.


The crowd that trains outside of classes at the Warehouse is comprised of professional aerialists who come to train their acts, retired pros, accomplished athletes in various disciplines, and pro-track adults who take classes at the Warehouse. We welcome anyone who knows enough to train independently and who can follow the Warehouse guidelines. We don’t rent “points” by the hour. You are welcome to stay up to 4 hours training, but you will most often have to share space. If you bring your own equipment, it must be approved by the office. If available, you may train on our silks, straps, rope, lyra and static trapezes. You must use 12″ mats underneath (with a few exceptions) and be courteous and helpful to your fellow practitioners. If you need to work on an act in a private lesson, a rehearsal, or a coaching session, that’s different than independent training. Please also inquire in the office about anything that falls into the category of instruction, fees for storage of personal equipment and if you need to use the ballet floor. The Trampoline, Flying Trapeze Rig and Tightwires are off limits for Independent Training.

See section on Independent Training for more specific information.


Please wear clothes that are clean and comfortable, and appropriate to what you are doing (i.e. nothing with buckles, zippers or anything else that could get caught on fabric or any apparatus. If you like to train with something on your feet, please bring shoes that are exclusively worn indoors. There are particular shoes suitable for Chinese Pole (lightweight rubber soled shoes; two good choices are water shoes (Teva) or martial arts shoes (Feiyue). Some people also like the Vibram 5-toe shoes). You can bring socks or gymnastic slippers to protect your feet on the flying trapeze. Ballet class requires proper ballet shoes, or at least socks for the first classes. If you have long hair, please tie it out of your way. Please leave expensive jewelry at home. We’ve got places to plunk your stuff, a changing tent, a restroom, and some seating. There is always someone in charge at any moment to help you.


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