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All Star Night @ Circus Warehouse

Circus Warehouse and Suzi Winson present:


Sunday, JULY 23rd, 7pm — One night only!

Featuring the all star cast of our world-class faculty performing their own extraordinary acts including Javier Dzul, Anna Venizelos, Matt Greenfield, Khazu Chan (Kevin Carpenter), Jason Mejias, Randy Kato, Michelle Arvin, Summer Lacy, Sonja Harpstead, Matt Baker, Paris the Hip Hop Juggler, Susan Voyticky, Tyler Shaqiri!

The faculty of Circus Warehouse has come together to create a once in a lifetime variety show to help raise funds to keep us in our home of the last seven years. We are having growing pains on a grand scale and need help through this bumpy economy while we recalibrate our plans of action.

Minimum donation for attendance is $100.
Please donate in advance!


We are not selling “tickets” per se, we are asking for help and your donation will enable you to come to what is now the greatest show on earth since the closing of Ringling Brothers. You must donate to attend, this is a fund-raiser! Please help us stay afloat.

SHOWGIRL $100 donation gets you a 1 seat, 1 drink and the best show you’ll ever see (30 single seats available)

DAREDEVIL $250 donation gets you 2 seats, 2 drinks, 1 spectacular show, 2 gift certificates (for anyone you wish) (20 available — 2 seats each)

HIGH FLYER $500 donation gets you 2 seats, drinks, 1 awesome show, and a private lesson with one of our elite Circus Warehouse instructors for 1-2 people on one of the following apparatus: Aerial Silks, Lyra, Rope, or Static Trapeze (10 available — 2 seats each)

RINGMASTER $1000 donation 4 seats, drinks, seats close to the action at the All Star show, and at a time of your choosing, an exclusive 2 hr private event where you can bring up family and friends and we’ll get your group airborne on the flying trapeze with veteran trapeze star Miguel Cáceres (10 available — 4 seats each)

ANGEL Can’t make All Star Night but still want to support the Warehouse with a donation of any size (via Paypal or snail mail)? Please be an Angel!

Please contact to redeem your private lesson or private event.


Founded in September of 2010, Circus Warehouse is a collaborative effort to produce the next generation of elite circus performers, to integrate circus arts into mixed-media forms, and to provide a space for the development of new and experimental works. Arts champion/empresario/educator and Warehouse Director, Suzi Winson, runs the professional program which turns out top-level performers for traditional and contemporary circuses, and for dance and theatre productions that incorporate circus arts skills. Professional training is the primary focus, but the Warehouse also trains nonpro circus enthusiasts and serious athletic practitioners. The culture that the Warehouse has cultivated attracts seasoned pros from all over the world who come to train and teach. The Warehouse is also the residence of Dzul Dance, a company that fuses modern, ballet and tribal dancing with aerial arts, and as well, an associated fine art space, Art and Circuses Gallery.


In the 7 years since its inception, Circus Warehouse has grown in leaps and bounds (some literal). We started out with a handful of professional track students, some circus chums, and an extremely high-level faculty assembled, all working long hours to see if a pro school was a possibility in NYC. It had been attempted before, without success. NY was filled with mostly recreational-style fun classes for aerial arts taught by young people with little experience. We envisioned a school that included master instructors who had been top-level performers. Why not learn Flying Trapeze from Miguel Cáceres, one of the greatest flyers and coaches of all time instead of from the person who just learned it himself? We have kept our high standards, and our dignity through a lot of sturm und drang, turning out professionals for dozens of circuses, major theatrical productions, acrobatic dance companies, TV shows, cruise ships, and everything you can think of (Ringling Bros and B&B, Cirque du Soleil, Peter Pan 360, Marvel Universe Live, Hamid Circus, Momix, to name a few…). We’ve created original shows: 26 pro-program showcases, Aerial Text Experiments, and CW has been the staging ground for new works by up-and-coming artists who hail from our pro-program. We sponsor a resident dance company, Dzul Dance, lead by the exquisite Mayan choregrapher and Graham dancer, Javier Dzul. Daredevil Bello Nock has come to walk on our wire, Big Apple star Barry Lubin teaches workshops, flying sensation Arturo Padilla has come for a month at a time to coach, circus icon Willy Pages drops by regularly to catch our flyers. We have created something very special and necessary for a lot of people who wish to have a purposeful, authentic practice, and to sculpt their lives into something of beauty.

All Star Night at the Warehouse is a fund-raiser without tickets! To attend you must donate: We’re asking for your help to stay afloat. In return for your generosity, you gain entrance to what is certainly, since the closing of Ringling Brothers, the greatest show on earth!