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About the Warehouse

About the Warehouse

Founded in September of 2010, Circus Warehouse is a collaborative effort to produce the next generation of elite circus performers, to integrate circus arts into mixed-media forms, and to provide a space for the development and performance of ​new and ​experimental works.

The Warehouse​ ​has 8000 square feet ​of space for ​practicing circus arts including trampoline, silks, lyra, cloud swing, solo and swinging trapeze, rope, Chinese pole, juggling, acrobatic balancing​, classical dance forms,​ and wire walking​.​ It also has ​30 foot ceilings​,​ high enough to house a flying trapeze rig of classic proportion​. Professional training is the primary focus, but ​the Warehouse​ also train​s​ non-pro circus enthusiasts and serious athletic practitioners.

The culture that the Warehouse has cultivated attracts seasoned pros from all over the world who come to train and teach. Our community ranges from those with traditional circus backgrounds to the emerging nouveau cirque​​. The Warehouse is also the residence of Dzul Dance, a company that fuses modern, ballet and tribal dancing with aerial arts, and ​as well, ​an associated fine art space, Art and Circuses Gallery.

Warehouse faculty and guest artists include some of the biggest names in Circus: Miguel Cáceres, Arturo Padilla, Gaston Elie, ​Willy Pages, ​Walfer Guerrero, Milton Zamudio (of the Flying Vasquez) and Tony Steele. The Warehouse also features elite athletes David Durante and Olga Karmansky, competitive gymnast and Cirque du Soleil alumni Matthew Greenfield​ and Anna Venizelos​, the acclaimed hand to hand balancing team Kenimattix: Ken Berkeley and Matthew Cusick, Broadway/ballet dancers Suzi Winson, Matt Baker and Pacho. Other guest instructors include Cirque du Soleil stars Jason Berrent, Rachel Walker, Stephan Choiniere, and Holly Rollins.

Circus Warehouse regularly produces its own circus shows at the facility with students, instructors and pros who train with us, a works-in-progress event, entitled “Caught in the Act”. We have also created the ambitious and truly avant garde aerial show, “Aerial Text Experiments” participating in an annual worldwide art/poetry movement, 100,000 Poets for Change.

We have been featured performers at great NY venues such as the New York Hall of Science, Maker Faire, Gotham Hall, the JCC, and the Intrepid. In three years, our Intensive Professional Program has turned out artists for Cole Brother’s Circus, ​Pop Circus, ​Circus Fusion, Cirque de la Mer, ​Momix, Dzul Dance, ​Ringling Bro​s. Barnum & Bailey​, and flying teams such as the High Flying Pages, the Flying Cortes, and the Flying Cáceres.

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