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By Circus Warehouse August 6, 2018 17:39

This rehearsal photo of Circus Polka — an orchestral Stravinsky/Balanchine ballet created in 1942 and featuring 50 elephants and 50 ballerinas — includes legends George Balanchine and Modoc the (elegant) Elephant. Balanchine was inspired by the majesty of the “corps de ballet” of elephants from Ringling Bros. Circus. Stravinsky, perhaps foreseeing the future, agreed to create the score on the condition that only young and well cared for elephants were used. Seventy-six years later, Circus Polka is still performed. But elephants are no longer involved. The ballet, like so many aspects of culture, evolved with the times.

In the eight years since we founded Circus Warehouse, we’ve witnessed equally profound change…and startling new moments of beauty and wonder. There is no more Ringling Bros. Circus, the major contemporary circuses are shifting focus and the struggle continues to keep professional training spaces open. The future of Circus remains in the imaginations of the next generation of artists and those who train them.

We at Circus Warehouse place our faith in our elite faculty and visionary students to propel us forward. You can help us do just that by participating in our future.

This is a ​perfect and necessary instance to buy class cards and to book your personal and business events for the fall. This isn’t a GoFundMe pitch, it’s a time for those who take seriously this opportunity for professional-style training to help support their home base.

This is a pivotal moment in Circus as our industry adapts to modern thought. The discussion is not as simple as traditional vs. current circus forms. The world is shifting rapidly and changing with it, is what people are coming to expect in entertainment. The circus practitioners of today will inform and define that future.

​Thank you as always for your support for Circus Warehouse.​

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max march-steinman

Pictured: Max March-Steinman and Randy Wilde

Circus Warehouse
By Circus Warehouse August 6, 2018 17:39

Good Vibes NYC – The Duo Aerialists

Morning Glow at Circus Warehouse

Guillaume and Marie – Duo Trapeze at Circus Warehouse

All-Star Night at Circus Warehouse

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Amadeus Y Javier Hablan Bailando