Teen Circus Workshop — Winter 2018 — Starts Jan 14!!

Circus Warehouse
By Circus Warehouse January 6, 2018 22:02

Teens-on-Silks-homeTEEN CIRCUS is a new ultra-challenging workshop series for ages 11 through 18! We have combined the former Teen Aerial Class and the Teen Performance Workshop into 9 classes, 3 hours each, which run consecutively from January 14th through March 11th, culminating in a show on the 11th. The timing is 3pm-6pm on Sunday afternoons.

The workshop will have 4 instructors working with the Teens over the course of the term. Tyler Shaqiri will instruct on aerial apparatus including Static Trapeze, Lyra and Silks. Matt Cusick will train ground acrobats: tumbling, trampoline, and Chinese Pole. Suzi Winson will work on dance, presentation, costumes and makeup. Matt Baker will assist in putting together the show. It will be a chance to try a bit of everything then to choose a direction. Emphasis will be on technique basics, individual expression, and act creation.

TO SIGN UP please purchase the Membership of Teen Circus Workshop- Winter 2018. Cost for 9-week workshop and show is $500. No need to sign up weekly for classes, you will be signed in for the duration! If you need to miss one or two, no worries, the workshop is priced with the over-scheduled teen life in mind!

There will as well be another workshop in the spring, after the holidays. We are so excited to be able to bring this unique opportunity of working with the highest level of professionals from the Circus Warehouse faculty to you all! 15 students maximum. Must sign up before January 14th for the term, no drop-ins. A bit of experience in dance or acrobatics is helpful, but not necessary. Willingness to work hard is a must.

STARTS: Jan 14th
ENDS: Mar 11th (9 weeks)
SHOW: Mar 11th @ 7pm
PRICE: $500
SIGN UP: Go to Class Cards, purchase Membership of Teen Circus Workshop-Winter 2018

Circus Warehouse
By Circus Warehouse January 6, 2018 22:02

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