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By Circus Warehouse September 20, 2017 16:19

karas-nockMONDAY NIGHT JUGGLING with Michael Karas
Specially priced at $25 for 1.5 hrs of fun.
TIME: Monday 7-8:30pm
All levels welcome. Drop in class.

Juggling is the ancient circus art of manipulating objects in fascinating ways with the human body. At Circus Warehouse, we focus on developing the core toss juggling skills of students using the traditional three props – balls, clubs, and rings. Once their technique vocabulary has been developed, they can focus on putting together a successful act with their prop of choice, incorporating character, movement, and style into their juggling creation. The class places equal importance on creativity as well as technique.

Michael Karas (Juggling/Equilibristics) has performed with Cirque Voila, the Zany Umbrella Circus, and Playing by Air. Although mostly self-taught, Michael has also worked with Jay Gilligan (Cirkus Cirkor) and Jerome Thomas (Cirque Lili). In addition to his circus background, Michael has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre from the Conservatory of Acting at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA. He has appeared in over fifty theatrical productions and has directed and produced three original solo shows – Green, Adytum, and Spark! Michael has multiple awards from the International Jugglers’ Association, including a Bronze Medal in their stage competition (2006). Michael most recently appeared starring with Bello Nock in BelloMania at the New Victory Theatre in NYC.

Sign up for class online.

Circus Warehouse
By Circus Warehouse September 20, 2017 16:19

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