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Circus Warehouse
By Circus Warehouse February 3, 2017 21:25

Warehouse-Intensive_pro_programWhere AREN’T new circus skills in demand these days in the performing arts?

From the world’s leading operas and Bway shows to the biggest rock acts and bleeding edge performance pieces, intense circus skills are present and more prominent than ever.

So where do sought-after pros — like Mark Curtis Ferrando and Hannah Risner (pictured) — go to learn and refine such intense skills? The Circus Warehouse INTENSIVE PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM, of course.

With the finest training faculty in the nation, the Warehouse Intensive Program equips you — today’s and tomorrow’s stars — to do the incredible feats that producers, directors and audiences value so highly.

What’s more, your Intensive Program is designed to personally fit you and your goals.

There’s no finer new circus training program going in America today, so call 212-751-2174 now for more information. Or FILL OUT AN ONLINE APPLICATION for the Circus Warehouse Intensive Program.

Circus Warehouse
By Circus Warehouse February 3, 2017 21:25

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