Fly for Fun @ the Warehouse: 1st Time Discount (CLICK 4 INFO)

Circus Warehouse
By Circus Warehouse February 4, 2017 13:30

trapeze for fun at circus warehouse“Thrilling!” “Exhilarating!” “So much FUN!” “I’m addicted!”

Ask pretty much anyone who’s tried flying trapeze how they like it and these are the things you’ll hear. Flying trapeze classes OPEN TO THE PUBLIC are more popular than ever: For many, they’re as much fun as you can have with your clothes on!

Great, then, for residents of Long Island City and environs that its very own Circus Warehouse offers outstanding Flying Trapeze classes for the public (teens and adults), seven days-a-week! And at Circus Warehouse, where circus pros come to train and teach, you’re taught by true professionals. With a trapeze-instructor staff led by legendary flying trapeze star, Miguel Cáceres (a longtime Ringling Bros mega-star), students are assured of the finest and most safety-conscious instruction offered anywhere in the world.

Except it’s in your own L.I.C. backyard, and just one stop from Grand Central Station on the #7 subway line!

Call the office at 212-751-2174 and come give flying trap a try! You’ll even receive a first class discount: $50 for first-time, drop-in students. It’s a great deal for a 2-hour class taught by elite instructors.

Check our SCHEDULE for class dates and times.

Circus Warehouse
By Circus Warehouse February 4, 2017 13:30

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