Midair, Midlife: Warehouse Prime Makes NY Times

Circus Warehouse
By Circus Warehouse April 15, 2016 15:47

Thanks to reporter Noah Remnick and photographer Emon Hassan of the New York Times for the great piece and pics on our Prime Flying classes. You can catch the video (above) or read Remnick’s piece here.

Or you can get your beautiful body into the Warehouse Wednesdays for an “adult swim” of a flying trapeze class. Here’s what you need to know:


Prime Flying at Circus Warehouse for students 45 years old and up!

There are 2 different Prime classes available, both on Wednesdays.

The Wed. 2-4pm class is Prime Flying—Intermediate. To take this Intermediate Class, students 45+ must be able to swing out of lines, serve their own bar, work the board, and be working on professional tricks such as a layout, a back-end split, a double somersault and beyond. We are making a mature flying team with the goal of performance for those who can attend regularly. (9 students max)

The Wed. 4-6pm class is Prime Flying—Beginner and Open Level. Must be 45 or over in age. Beginner and fledgling flyers welcome! We’ll work on swinging and layouts in this class, in safety lines if you need them. For absolute beginners, we will work on your take-off, a swing, and landing in the net, on your first day and we’ll help you through it! You can progress at your own rate. (9 students max)

2 hrs. Regular sign-up as drop-in or with class card.

Please contact suzi@circuswarehouse.com if you are not sure about your level or if these special classes are appropriate for you.

Circus Warehouse
By Circus Warehouse April 15, 2016 15:47

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