Diabolo Workshop with French artist Nico Pires, 9/19!

Circus Warehouse
By Circus Warehouse July 18, 2015 14:02

Come and discover the art of diabolo with French artist Nico Pires!

Nico will be teaching a three-hour Diabolo Workshop at the Warehouse, September 19th, from 10:30am to 1:30pm!

Nico has played diabolo for more than 20 years, he teaches and performs around the world since 2009.

He was based in Asia for three years working as a full-time artist for the Hong Kong Disneyland Theme Park.

He is the creator of The Planet Diabolo Project, an adventure which has brought the best diabolists of the world together on a three DVDs collection.

In this 3 hour workshop, you will learn the diabolo basics (starts, accelerations, corrections, toss-up, catches, intermediary tricks) and get introduced to the diabolo history and to some advanced moves. Nico will also performs a 5 minute routine at the end of the workshop including tricks with 1,2 and 3 diabolos.

Sticks and diabolos will be provided to a maximum of 10 people. Please bring your own gear if you have some!

WORKSHOP PRICE: $100/ person
MINIMUM AGE: 8 years old

Links :
– Demo: https://youtu.be/zi8e9J89Tf0
– Nico’s website: www.diabolo4life.com
– The Planet Diabolo Project: www.planet-diabolo.com
– Diabolo workshops with kids: https://youtu.be/X_iDdLh3Sl0

Circus Warehouse
By Circus Warehouse July 18, 2015 14:02

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