In The ‘House: America’s Got Talent Duos!

Circus Warehouse
By Circus Warehouse May 20, 2015 15:14

duo volta at circus warehouse america's got talentTwo teams competing in this year’s America’s Got Talent, Duo Volta and Duo Vladimir, rehearsed at the Warehouse today for their big performances (shooting nearby later this week).

Seattle-based Duo Volta (pictured above) is the static trapeze duet of Oliver Parkinson and Adrienne Jack-Sands. Their act is characterized by dynamic skills and explosive energy, combining Oliver’s powerful athleticism and Adrienne’s nimble grace to electrifying result. Learn mmore about Duo Volta at their website,

And speaking of dynamic, check out hand-balancing team, Duo Vladimir’s video clip (below). Afraid you’ll just have to wait till their AGT appearance to learn more about them. Ah, suspense…

Circus Warehouse
By Circus Warehouse May 20, 2015 15:14

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