Saturday Trapeze Flying for Ages 10 and Up Now!

Circus Warehouse
By Circus Warehouse March 29, 2015 16:47


You asked for it, now it’s here!

SATURDAY TRAPEZE FLYING for ages 10 and up!
New starting April 25th — sign up now!

11-1 Beginner Flying
Saturday’s Flying Trapeze-Beginner is perfect for absolute beginners, families who wish to fly together, and for learning or practicing basics. It’s OK to join if you HAVE flown before! This beginner class is for ages 10 and up. All flying is done in safety lines and an ascender is used while climbing the ladder. Super safe. Super fun! 2 hr class.

1-3 Open Level Flying
Saturday’s Open Level is for all levels of flyers but NOT for first time flyers. Please take a Beginner class if you have never swung before. If you are developing your swing, and starting to work on tricks, this is a good class for you. If you are a more experienced flyer and the timing of the Open Level class works best for you, then you are also welcome to take this class. for Ages 10 and up on weekends only. 2 hr class.

Circus Warehouse
By Circus Warehouse March 29, 2015 16:47
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