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Circus Warehouse
By Circus Warehouse February 23, 2015 13:15


Scott Combs has lived and breathed gymnastics since he was 3. At age 15, he left the high bar behind for more intellectual pursuits (also because he was injured). But many years later, while finishing his Ph.D. in film studies at Berkeley, he began to train static and doubles trapeze with Elena Panova and Helene Turcotte at San Francisco Circus Center. It was an unexpected return to his childhood joy, and he’s been on a bar ever since.

Scott moved to NYC for an academic job in 2007. Two years later with Maia Ramnath and Satomi Shikata, he became co-founder/director of Constellation Moving Company, a NYC-based project-oriented performance group creating work that interweaves circus/dance with complex themes. He continues to collaborate, perform, or choreograph with other artists including Megan Cattau, Jan Manke, Lisa Natoli, and Rebecca Stronger. He is also a poet and wannabe singer.


Circus Warehouse
By Circus Warehouse February 23, 2015 13:15

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