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Circus Warehouse
By Circus Warehouse December 31, 2014 14:02

anna venizelos

Anna Venizelos came to circus from a background of both gymnastics and dance. After studying dance education at NYU and an intense immersion in yoga she settled on pursuing her love of contortion, aerials and acrobatics.

She auditioned for the ENC in Montreal on a whim and was accepted. After 4 months though, she decided she needed to be performing sooner than the 3 year program allowed.

She left ENC and started taking daily aerial classes, still living in Montreal and soon fell in love with fabric. She sharpened her skills performing for both Cirque Eloize and Les Gens d’R. Fast forward 6 months- an audition at Cirque headquarters. This lead to an offer to be part of the aerial hoop trio in Quidam. Anna agreed on the stipulation that she could be the understudy for the contortion in silks act.

A grueling year and a half of touring Australia and New Zealand went by and finally, Anna was offered her dream job. She performed “contortion in silks” for a year in North America. Unfortunately she had to stop due to nagging injuries and moved home to NYC. Anna began working with her sister, Emily, to develop a contortion duo. She also studied and now teaches Pilates.

Today the Venizelos Sisters perform their act all over NYC, at corporate events, private parties, modern dance shows and in film/TV. And yes- they really ARE sisters! Anna is so thrilled to be part of the Warehouse team!


Photo credit: Andrew Brucker

Circus Warehouse
By Circus Warehouse December 31, 2014 14:02

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