HIGHWIRE with Walfer Guerrero, Aug 3-5, 2010

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Walfer Geurrero, HighwireWORKSHOP DATES: August 3-5

“In the circus tradition you pass on your skills to your children, but I want to share my knowledge with anyone who has the passion to learn wire.”–Walfer Guerrero


53-21 Vernon Blvd.
Long Island City, NY 10017


5pm-7pm Tuesday, August 3
7pm -9pm Wednesday August 4
5pm-7pm Thursday August 5
You must enroll in all three classes


$500 for the 3 day workshop, 6 hours total
You must wear gymnastic slippers. Minimum age: 18.
Deadline for payment is August 1, 2010. Please call 212-751-2174
Please make checks payable to Circus Warehouse, LLC.


from the 7 train, one stop from Grand Central
Walk south on Vernon Blvd toward 51st Ave toward the railroad tracks
Turn left at the T, Borden Ave. (before the tracks) Walk one block, and turn right at 11st St, directly across fron the Midtown Tunnel/ LIE entrance. Cross the tracks, and immediately turn right on 53rd Ave. 53rd Ave turns slightly left and becomes Vernon Blvd. Circus Warehouse is the last door on the left.


Walfer Guerrero comes from seven generations of circus performers. They performed highwire, wheel of death, and flying trapeze, as well as other acts. He traveled in Europe and Asia for 15 years with his family act composed of his brothers and sisters. Known for speed and daring, Walfer is also in the Guiness Book of World Records for completing 1250 jumps on a 30-foot wire without a net. Also on record is a jump over 4 people, feet to feet, also on a 30-foot wire. He also known for his cartwheel on a high wire.

Walfer has worked for Ringling Bros, Circus Knie, Circus Krone, Carre Theatre in Amsterdam, Circus Althoff, Circus Pinder and many others. Walfer and his family performed at the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival four times and were awarded the prestigious Silver Clown twice. In the family act, they did the 7-man pyramid, with three woman. Walfer is one of the few people in the world to sky walk free hand with no balancing pole. He crossed the Falls in Paterson, New Jersey in this fashion.

Walfer builds and designs all the rigging for his family and as well designed the flying trapeze, wire installation, and a multiple crane bar at Circus Warehouse. He trains wire acts, currently with the Soul Circus, and now he is training aspiring professionals at Circus Warehouse.

Circus Warehouse
By Circus Warehouse August 3, 2010 13:07

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