Milton Zamudio of the Flying Vazquez

Circus Warehouse
By Circus Warehouse July 15, 2010 14:58

Milton Zamudio (Guest Instructor)


Circus Warehouse is proud to announce open classes in flying trapeze with Guest Instructor Milton Zamudio of the Flying Vazquez. Enrollment is limited.

(If you’re already familiar with Milton, you’ve stopped reading to sign up. If you’re not, check out Milton’s bio below then stop reading and sign up.)


Sunday August 22nd 1-3pm
Monday August 23rd 7-9pm
Sunday August 29th 1-3pm

Again, enrollment is open but limited so be sure to sign up now to reserve your spot in these very special classes. (Other flying classes with Milton are part of the Fall Intensive Program and not open to the general public.)


Born in Bogota, Colombia March 18, 1966, Milton Zamudio is a 5th generation circus performer. He first performed at the age of 10 with his father on the high wire. He continued to perform on high wire, on and off, until the age of 18. He discovered trampoline and swinging on the trapeze as a teenager.

In 1982, Milton ran away from home–home at that time being Joliet, Illinois–all the way to Sarasota, Florida. He met up with Jesus and Lucy Segrera and started to become a serious flyer. He performed in Colombia for three months from December 1983 through February 1984.

In July of 1984, Juan Vazquez hired him to join Ringling Brothers and start a second flying Vazquez troupe. In March of 1986 Milton caught the elusive 3 and 1/2 somersault to the legs. The Vazquez family had a triple, a 3 and 1/2 and a quadruple somersault, all in one act.

After a short but highly prestigious career, Milton retired in 1994. Milton is now a great friend to Circus Warehouse…and is inspiring a new generation of flyers.

Circus Warehouse
By Circus Warehouse July 15, 2010 14:58

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